You no longer need to register to use ChatGPT, but there are some limitations


OpenAI now supports using ChatGPT without registration. This change will be rolled out gradually.

According to OpenAI, more than 100 million people in 185 countries use the AI chatbot every week. By eliminating the need for an account, the company hopes to attract a broader audience.

OpenAI may still use user input to train and refine its AI models. However, users will be able to opt out of this data collection process through settings, whether they have an account or not.

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Along with the registration change, OpenAI is also implementing additional content policies to restrict prompts and generation in certain categories, a measure aimed at preventing potential misuse.

There are several benefits to having an account. Registered users can save and review their chat history, share interesting conversations, and unlock additional features such as voice interactions and the ability to give custom instructions to the AI.

Paid subscribers get access to the much more advanced GPT-4 model. ChatGPT free, with and without account, offers only GPT-3.5.

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