Win a brand new VR game for Meta Quest

VR giveaway: Win a brand new VR game for Meta Quest

Image: DALL-E 3, prompted by MIXED

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MIXED is giving away a recently released VR game for Meta Quest today. Don’t miss the chance to win the free key.

Today’s giveaway is action-packed: Released on 7 March 2024 for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, Swarm 2 will test your reflexes like no other VR game. If you want to take on the challenge, we have just the thing for you: We are giving away a total of two keys for Swarm 2 on Meta Quest.

Many thanks to Greensky Games for providing the keys!

Terms and Conditions


  • 2x keys for Swarm 2 (RRP: $24.99)

You can only redeem the keys in the Meta Quest Store.

How to take part in the raffle: Send us an e-mail to with the subject line “SWARM 2” and tell us your favorite VR action game so far and what makes it so special.

Closing date: March 11, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.
Drawing of winners: within 7 days after the end of the competition day
Notification of winners: By e-mail.
Shipping: Keys will be sent by e-mail.

Note: If the winner does not respond within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeited and we will redraw the prize.

The e-mail address will only be used for the purpose of participation and for sending the prize. Any other use is excluded. All addresses will be deleted after the draw. Our privacy policy applies. Legal recourse is excluded.

As a rule, we cannot replace keys that do not work or cannot be redeemed, as we are only provided with a certain number.

What to expect from Swarm 2?

Swarm 2 is a modern VR first-person shooter that combines the spirit of classic arcade shooters with intense, physical and fluid gameplay. Inspired by Attack on Titan and shooters like Doom Eternal, Swarm 2 offers a unique blend of fast movement and strategic thinking.

Swarm 2 is all about fast movement. You swing, zip, use jet boosts or dash into the right position to hit the enemy’s weak points. You must always be quick to avoid enemy shots and guided missiles, as well as picking up ‘shards’ that drop from defeated enemies and act as score multipliers.

Contact with the ground causes damage, and standing still makes you an easy target. Swarm 2 is more than just a wave shooter or bullet hell. You’ll have to strategize to defeat your enemies — because they will.

Your opponents will share shields, small ones will hide behind larger ones, and they will exploit any weakness. Because you are constantly on the move and never take the same path through a level twice, every playthrough will be different.

An overview of the most important features:

  • Roguelike progression: You’ll find different power-ups, enemies and unforeseen challenges in each playthrough — including permadeath.
  • Changing level order: No two runs are the same. The level sequence is procedurally generated and therefore always provides surprises.
  • Swing like Spider-Man: You swing through the levels with the physics-based, “Smooth Grappling System”. Motion sickness should be avoided despite the high speed.
  • Various movement mechanics: You can use zip, jetboost, dash and use slow motion to maneuver through the expansive environments, dodge enemies and find the best position for deadly attacks.
  • Global leaderboards: Your high score is saved on leaderboards so you can compete against friends and other players worldwide.
  • Weekly challenges: In challenge mode, you have the chance to reach legend status every week before the leaderboard resets.

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Sources: Meta Quest Store

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