What will happen to CitraVR?


Citra is history, which begs the question: What will happen to CitraVR?

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The emulators Yuzu and Citra were taken offline after a lawsuit by Nintendo. This raises the question of whether CitraVR will also be discontinued.


Last week, Nintendo of America sued Tropic Haze, the legal entity behind the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu. The parties have now reached a settlement: Tropic Haze will pay Nintendo $2.4 million and cease development of Yuzu.

The ten-year-old 3DS emulator Citra is also affected and has already been taken offline like Yuzu. Yuzu and Citra developer Bunnei confirmed this in a Discord message.

Citra’s demise raises the question of whether CitraVR will be next. CitraVR is a separate project created by VR developer Amanda Watson and is not maintained by Yuzu, but the code is based on Citra.

The reach of CitraVR is likely to be modest compared to Citra, since installing the emulator on Quest requires sideloading. While a lawsuit is unlikely, Watson could decide to take the emulator offline. No word yet on if and how the project will continue. I will update this article if something happens.

For now, you can still download the emulator from GitHub.


CitraVR is a VR port of the Citra emulator, built from the ground up for Meta Quest and runs natively on the headset.

The emulator renders 3DS games with a beautiful stereoscopic 3D effect on a virtual screen that can be projected into the environment thanks to passthrough support.

CitraVR was released in January of this year and has been under continuous development since then. The current version is 0.4.2. CitraVR supports Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro.

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