This is how beautiful Skyrim could look on the Apple Vision Pro

This is how beautiful Skyrim could look on the Apple Vision Pro

Image: Ruben Frosali

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A visual effects designer shows off his interpretation of a Skyrim version for Apple Vision Pro.

Bethesda’s RPG masterpiece Skyrim debuted in 2011. A VR version for PSVR and HTC Vive was released in 2017. Six years after the release of Skyrim VR, director and visual effects artist Ruben Frosali shows what the game could look like on the Apple Vision Pro. He created his concept using the Unity engine.

On Twitter, Frosali shares a video showing how a living room is transformed into a highly detailed medieval village. He created the transformation using point clouds.

The video shows how Skyrim might look on the Apple Vision Pro. | Video: Ruben Frosali

In another tweet about the video, Frosali explains, “The 3D scan is from the beautiful, semi-abandoned medieval town of Lucchio. I have tons of images of this place, but I haven’t had time to edit them all yet.”

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