The PC VR title Dungeon Full Dive is getting a free edition

The PC VR title Dungeon Full Dive is getting a free edition

Image: TxK Gaming Studios

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The tabletop RPG toolkit Dungeon Full Dive is getting a Player Edition that lets you dive into adventures for free.


TxK Gaming Studios announced the free Dungeon Full Dive Player Edition.

The existing version of Dungeon Full Dive, released on Steam in October 2023, is now the Dungeon Full Dive: Game Master Edition. Its price will increase from $30 to $50 when the Dungeon Full Dive Player Edition is released. This means that the game for a group of five players will only cost $50 instead of $150.

If you have already purchased Dungeon Full Dive, it will automatically be upgraded to the Game Master Edition. If you purchase the title before the Player Edition is released, you will receive it at a lower price. The release date for Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition will be announced in the near future.

While the Player Edition allows you to create a limited number of characters and maps, you will need the Game Master Edition to host shared games and play the GM role.

The differences between the editions are detailed below:

The similarities and differences between the DFD Player and Game Master Editions on two rolls of parchment pinned to a wall.

The differences between the Player and Game Master Edition. | Image: TxK Gaming Studios

Here are the links to the Steam product pages if you want to add the games to your wishlist.

Both editions are Early Access titles.


Dungeon Full Dive: A pen & paper toolkit

While the tabletop RPG Demeo offers pre-made characters and campaigns, Dungeon Full Dive is more open and designed for creating your own heroes, adventures, and storytelling.

You can play on a monitor with a keyboard and mouse or with a PC VR headset, and the title supports cross-play between PC and VR. Dungeon Full Dive lets you switch to your character’s perspective at any time for more immersion or role-playing.

Join the Dungeon Full Dive Discord server to keep yourself updated.

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