Steam Link for Meta Quest gets a new feature that may improve image quality for you

Steam Link for Meta Quest gets a new feature that may improve image quality for you

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An update to SteamVR enables Advanced Supersample Filtering for Steam Link. What does it do?

This change is part of the 2.2.1 SteamVR Beta update and only affects Quest headsets that use Steam Link. It does not affect Virtual Desktop.

Advanced Supersample Filtering improves image quality when using high supersampling rates. Supersampling is a rendering technique that first renders the image at a higher resolution than the headset’s display and then downsamples it to the display’s native resolution. The result is a clearer, smoother image with significantly less aliasing and pixel flicker.

Advanced Supersample Filtering reduces aliasing for users with high supersampling rates who do not use the Auto setting. The improved filtering method will therefore primarily benefit high-end systems. Valve promises a “significant improvement”. If you don’t like it, you can disable the feature in SteamVR’s Advanced Settings.

Advanced Supersample Filtering is not a new feature. Valve writes that it was accidentally disabled for Meta headsets several years ago as a “side effect of another change”.

10-bit video encoding for AMD graphics cards

The 2.2.1 beta update also brings another Steam Link specific change, namely 10-bit video encoding for AMD graphics cards that support this specification. The result should be better color reproduction with smoother gradients. However, the feature is still experimental, Valve writes.

You can install the latest beta update by going into your SteamVR settings, opening the “Betas” tab, and selecting “Beta – SteamVR Beta Update”. The beta should then install. Alternatively, you can simply wait for Valve to include the changes in the next regular SteamVR update.

More information about Steam Link for Meta Quest can be found in the official FAQ.

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