Quest 3 will also get the lying down feature, here’s why it was delayed


Quest 3 will also get the lying down feature, here's why it was delayed

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The latest Quest update brought a lying down mode to Quest 2 and Quest Pro, but not to Quest 3. Meta’s CTO explains why.


System update v63 has been rolling out to Quest headsets since March 5. It includes an experimental lying mode down that allows you to use media playback and stationary VR apps while lying down. A great accessibility feature.

Surprisingly, it was only announced for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, not the new Quest 3.

In his latest AMA on Instagram, Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth says that the lying down mode will also be coming to Quest 3, and explains why it’s coming later.

Yes, this is an important one. Thank you for the question. I love this use case too. We are planning to bring it to Quest 3 as I’ve said previously. It’s a little bit different because the Guardian system is a little bit different, safety still matters a lot. We had to kind of redo the Guardian system with Smart Guardian.

We’re just doing the work to make sure that we can do it reliably and safely and without having any negative impacts on the rest of the safety features. So, I like it too. We are working with good urgency here. I don’t have a date for you exactly. But it is coming, and we’re making good progress on it.


Meta Quest 3, unlike Quest 2 and Quest Pro, has a depth sensor and, apparently, a slightly different Guardian system due to its Smart Guardian feature that scans the environment, including furniture, and automatically suggests a safe play area.

According to Bosworth, it’s because of this enhanced Guardian system that the lying down mode is coming later. So now we know the reason for the delay, and we know that lying down mode is coming to Quest 3.

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