PS VR 2 game charts: Is Creed on top?

PS VR 2 game charts: Is Creed on top?

Picture: Survivals

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In Sony’s download charts for the PS VR 2, Pavlov gets competition from Creed: Rise to Glory. Can Rocky’s protege beat the military shooter?

Some classics just can’t be killed, and Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition is one of them. The remake of the VR boxing game made it to the top of the Playstation VR 2 download charts in April 2023 – but only in the US and Canada. In the EU, the VR game from Survivalswhich was released on April 4, came in second.

In Sony’s European PS VR 2 charts, the VR shooter Pavlov continues to lead. Vankrupt Games has held the top position for three months in a row. Apparently, the title continues to strike a chord with European tactical shooter fans.

PS VR 2: Rocky’s VR hit

Both titles were originally developed for PC VR and later ported to other VR headsets. In the US and Canada, the roles are reversed: Pavlov is in second place behind Creed.

The top downloads for PSVR 2 in April 2023.

The top downloads for PSVR 2 in April 2023. | Picture: Sony

Continuing its strong showing is Better Than Life‘s graphically rich paddling game Kayak VR: Mirage, which came in third in Europe and fifth in North America. Another perennial favorite in April is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. The zombie survival game from Skydance Interactive placed third in America and fourth in Europe.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR finally makes an appearance on the European best list. The horror rollercoaster from Supermassive Games lands in 6th place in both April charts. The title, which was released in mid-March, received mixed reviews and had some bugs at launch.

Music games like Synth Riders and Pistol Whip continue to be popular. VR hit Beat Saber is still a long time coming. However, the meta-owned studio behind the game confirmed that it is working on a port.

No sign of Resident Evil or Gran Turismo

According to Sony, only titles purchased from the Playstation Store are listed in the top downloads. Game upgrades like Resident Evil Village and Gran Turismo 7 are not included, nor are games purchased in bundles with hardware – including Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This could explain why Sony’s graphical flagship title has now completely disappeared from the list.

Retail purchases of PS VR 2 games are also not listed. Thus, the download charts do not provide a complete picture of game demand.

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