Perplexity AI powered by GPT-4 is a free and better search companion to ChatGPT


Perplexity is an interactive AI search companion, leveraging the power of GPT-4 to offer a deeply personalized search experience.

Perplexity has a basic tool that is free to use and an even smarter, more intelligent version called Copilot that is powered by GPT-4 but requires a login and charges for intensive use ($20/month). Instead of just returning search results, Perplexity AI’s Copilot tool guides users through the process, asking clarifying questions, performing multiple searches, and summarizing the results.

Features and Capabilities

Perplexity has a wide range of search options, allowing users to explore the web, academic papers, YouTube, Reddit, and the news with great precision. These extensive capabilities take search to a much deeper level compared to ChatGPT.

While the iOS app is immediately available, Android users must join a waiting list. To manage demand, CoPilot limits users to five searches every four hours. However, these restrictions do not apply to the basic version.


The basic version can curate information from multiple sources to answer more complex questions. For example, we asked when the latest episode of the Apple TV series For All Mankind was likely to air.

Image: Screenshot Perplexity

Although the release date was not announced, it was able to intelligently speculate when it would air based on the airing of previous series and information about the filming schedule from various sources.

I used copilot with the YouTube option selected to ask it what tech blogger Sara Dietchy’s latest video was all about.

Image: Screenshot Perplexity

The video was titled ‘I’ve been Scared to Talk About this’. However, in the video itself, she comments on ADHD, this would only be evident if Perplexity was about to watch and internalize the video. Instead, the copilot tool is limited to only relaying information on video comments, titles, and descriptions and not the content of YouTube videos themselves.

When I asked it for the latest news from our site, the answer was a complete failure in the free version.


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