PC VR games releasing in April 2024

PC VR games releasing in April 2024

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What does April have in store for PC VR? The following VR titles are coming to SteamVR this month.

The games are listed in chronological order by release date and accompanied by an official game description.

Occasionally, we also include DLCs and VR games released in early access.

The following list is not necessarily complete. Some VR games are announced or postponed during the month.

With date

Escape Simulator VR (April 2)

Official description:

Escape Simulator VR is an escape room game you can play solo or in an online co-op with up to 8 players (optimal 2-3). Following the unprecedented success of the original version Escape Simulator VR was rebuilt from the ground up to be a comfortable and highly immersive VR experience. Pick up and examine everything, break objects, solve locks, and decipher puzzles to escape! After finishing the main game, watch for free content updates and explore 3000+ rooms built by the community.

Escape Simulator VR is a free update for the 2021 PC game of the same name that brings full VR support. The price of the game will be increased from $15 to $20 on April 14.

Mutant Boxing League (April 4)

Official description:

Face various opponents, each with their own unique boxing style and abilities. Progress through the matches to unlock and explore new opponents, environments and gloves by mastering essential boxing techniques. Learn how to effectively utilize special gloves like the power glove and speed glove.

Mutant Boxing League has been available for Meta Quest in the App Lab since the end of 2023.

Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition (April 12)

Official description:

Embark on your tabletop-RPG adventures for free with DFD: Player Edition, where your fantasies come to life. Create up to three heroes, design your own maps, and dive into a world of adventure. The Player Edition is your gateway to an ever-expanding universe of tabletop-RPGs.

Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition is free. Dungeon Full Dive, which was released on Steam in October 2023, will become Dungeon Full Dive: Game Master Edition. Its price will be increased from $30 to $50 as soon as Dungeon Full Dive: Player Edition is released.

The differences between the two editions are listed in the linked article.

Mixture (April 12)

Official description:

Mixture is a fantasy action-adventure in which two enemies in an alliance of necessity traverse barren worlds in a quest for redemption. In this dual character control game, you alternate between playing as the master alchemist Sephairos and exiled knight Sola, in both first and third person perspectives. As an odd couple, you must platform, mix materials, cast and melee, solve puzzles, and defeat giant bosses to survive this atmospheric tale.

Mixture is already available for Meta Quest and Pico. The following trailer shows the Quest version.

A PSVR 2 version will be released on the same day as the PC VR version.

Big Shots (April 18)

Official description:

Gear up, team up, and exterminate! Become the ultimate mech pilot in BIG SHOTS, the action-packed VR roguelite where you’ll battle alien hordes, earn upgrades, and forge an unstoppable mech to reclaim Earth.

Big Shots will be released on the same day on Meta Quest and PSVR 2.

Soul Covenant (April 18)

Official description:

In the near future, the world is under control of a quantum artificial intelligence known as “Adam”, attempting to assume the role of a god. Adam believes that the role of god is to be an object of awe — one of overwhelming fear. The mech weapons known as “Deus Ex Machina,” feared as mechanical gods, launch a global invasion, slaughtering everyone who refuses to obey.

Close to humanity’s last stronghold, “Tokyo Ark,” enhanced humans known as “Avatars” engage in ferocious battles. Their main weapon, “Scapegoat,” is crafted from the remains of fallen comrades, in an endless cycle in which someone’s death helps those who keep fighting.

Soul Covenant will be released on the same day for Quest and PSVR 2.

Tiny Archers (April 18)

Official description:

Draw your bow and defend the Northern Kingdom in this immersive VR tower defense archery game! Step into the role of the realm’s finest archer as you face waves of attacks from cunning goblins and ruthless orcs.

Tiny Archers will be released on the same day on Quest and Pico headsets.

Without date

Drunk or Dead 2

Official description:

A campaign-based VR adventure for up to four players (co-op), with plenty of opportunities to hang out, shop, chat and drink between battles. Life goes on, even through the end of the world. Explore the town, meet the locals, then pick from one of four classes and gear up for another round.

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