Oppo unveils new Augmented Reality glasses with AI assistant


Air Glass 3: Oppo unveils new Augmented Reality glasses with AI assistant

Image: Oppo

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Oppo’s Air Glass 3 weighs just 50 grams and could be the perfect addition to your smartphone in many scenarios — if it is ever released.


Chinese electronics company Oppo has unveiled a prototype of its Oppo Air Glass 3 Augmented Reality glasses at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The AR glasses look like a normal pair of glasses and are intended for everyday use as a smartphone companion. Users can view digital content overlaid on the physical environment.

Air Glass 3 has touch sensors on the side of the frame that can be used for control. There is also a built-in AI voice assistant powered by Oppo’s proprietary AndesGPT large language model. At just 50 grams, the Oppo Air Glass 3 is significantly lighter than the Xreal Air 2, for example, but not quite as light as Brilliant Labs’ lightweight Frames.

The Air Glass 3 needs to be connected to an Oppo smartphone to be used. The voice assistant can search for information and conduct conversations to help users with tasks such as planning a trip. However, the voice assistant is currently only available in China.


Oppo AR glasses: Only prototypes so far

It is currently unknown if the Air Glass 3 will ever be released. Oppo is currently only presenting it as a prototype — just like its predecessor, the Oppo Air Glass 2, which was never sold to the public. Oppo has developed and presented a number of AR glasses prototypes in the past.

In 2021, the company unveiled the AR Glass 2021 at Inno Day. A year earlier, Oppo unveiled the first Oppo Air Glass. The smartphone maker has also developed a pair of Mixed Reality glasses called Oppo MR Glass Developer Edition.

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