OpenAI’s Collective Alignment team aims to make AI more democratic


A new team at OpenAI is working to ensure that the diversity of perspectives and cultures is better represented in AI models.

The Collective Alignment team of scientists and engineers is tasked with developing a system for gathering feedback from the public and incorporating it into OpenAI’s systems. The team will work with external consultants and funding teams to launch pilots and develop prototypes.

OpenAI’s leadership has emphasized in the past that the boundaries and goals of AI systems must be democratically defined. So far, this has been limited, as ChatGPT in particular is heavily influenced by OpenAI’s policies and political beliefs. Studies show that the chatbot tends to be classified as left-liberal.

First pilot projects for democratizing AI

OpenAI’s “Democratic Inputs to AI” funding program aims to involve the public in decisions about AI behavior to align models with human values.



Since May 2023, OpenAI has awarded $100,000 each to ten teams from around the world to develop ideas and tools for the collective control of AI systems.

The initial pilot projects focus on various aspects of participatory engagement, including “video deliberation interfaces, platforms for crowdsourced audits of AI models, mathematical formulations of representation guarantees, and approaches to map beliefs to dimensions that can be used to fine-tune model behavior.”

OpenAI summarizes the program’s key findings as follows:

Public opinion can change frequently

Many teams found that public opinion changes frequently, which can affect the frequency of the contribution collection processes.


available on the OpenAI website. The company also introduced new safety rules to prevent humans from using AI to manipulate democratic elections.

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