OpenAI wants to keep ChatGPT free and does not expect quick profitability


OpenAI apparently feels misunderstood, so it has compiled what it considers to be the most important information about itself on a website.

Because “there’s so much misinformation out there about us,” according to Logan Kilpatrick, OpenAI’s developer community manager, OpenAI has published a “no-nonsense explanation” about itself on its website.

In it, OpenAI reiterates the mission it launched with in 2015: to develop AI that is “at least as smart as a person” and that benefits all of humanity. Oversight of that development, it says, will remain with the nonprofit organization that OpenAI originally launched before creating a for-profit entity to complement it in 2019.

On its careers page, OpenAI also emphasizes its focus on artificial general intelligence (AGI), which it wants to have a “massive positive impact on humanity’s future.” Any projects that don’t contribute to that are “out of scope.” It aims to “work towards a world where everyone benefits from the social, economic, and technological opportunities of AI.”



“We put our mission ahead of profits, we limit financial returns to employees and investors, and we will return future profits above the limit to our non-profit,” OpenAI writes.

When it announced its new corporate structure in 2019, OpenAI said it would reward early investors with a maximum multiple of 100 times. So anyone who invested ten million could get back a maximum of one billion. For future investors, that multiple will likely be lower, the company said at the time.

OpenAI is reportedly on track to exceed $1 billion in annual revenue next year, beating investor expectations.

ChatGPT remains free

In its self-description, OpenAI also emphasizes that ChatGPT will remain free. Revenue will come from customers and companies willing to pay for “premium services”.

Due to the high cost of developing and running foundation AI models, OpenAI is not profitable and does not expect to be in the “near future,” it writes.


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