“Olympus” could fill Amazon’s lack of a major exclusive LLM in the AWS cloud


Amazon’s upcoming large language model, Olympus, could take over functionality for Alexa, Echo, and Amazon’s online store.

According to an anonymous source from The Information, Amazon and its cloud unit AWS are developing the large language model “Olympus”. Amazon wants to catch up with OpenAI and especially Microsoft with this model.

Microsoft in particular is using OpenAI’s AI models exclusively and cleverly to drive its cloud growth, currently the most prestigious and lucrative growth business for Big Tech.

While Microsoft’s cloud grew last quarter, Google’s and Amazon’s shrank. According to Microsoft, OpenAI’s generative AI is a driving force behind its cloud growth.



Amazon uses language models in its own products for things like review summaries on product pages, offers model tuning to Bedrock companies, and is testing an LLM version of Alexa.

Amazon Olympus announcement before the end of December

Olympus could be announced by AWS as early as December, reports The Information. It is still unclear when the model will be released.

The new model is expected to outperform Amazon’s current AI model, Titan, which lags significantly behind models from OpenAI, Google, and open-source models.

Amazon is also investing up to four billion US dollars in OpenAI competitor Anthropic, which launched Claude 2, a chatbot with capabilities between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

Amazon’s problem: Google has also invested two billion US dollars in Anthropic, which is certainly a strategic move. An exclusive deal between Amazon and Anthropic, as between Microsoft and OpenAI, where Anthropic’s models run exclusively in the AWS cloud, is now likely off the table.


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