Notion AI is the productivity tool’s answer to ChatGPT


Notion AI is a subscription extension for Notion that uses Anthropic’s Claude language model.

Unlike Chat GPT, which presents users with a blank page, Notion AI’s advantage is that it gives users prompts when they start a new page to boost their productivity.

What is Notion?

Notion is a free productivity tool. Their pitch is that users can maximize their productivity with tools that allow them to create custom databases, calendars and pages.

Fully customizable and with a focus on usability, Notion is billed as a personal Wikipedia page for business or daily routine tasks.


Power users of Notion can create simple no-code websites and professional business operating systems.

The paid multi-user version of Notion can be used as an alternative to team management software such as Airtable, Click Up, Asana or Basecamp.

AI concept

Notion AI is a paid upgrade to the free version. It can do many of the tasks that Chat GPT can do, but its main selling point is that users don’t have to copy and paste.

Some sample tasks include translating, writing a first draft, writing an outline or creative story or essay, or asking it to create a to-do list from a block of text.

With Notion AI, you get access to prompt templates that help you create new texts, even if you are not into prompting LLMs. | Image: Notion (Screenshot)

Writing Tasks

Some use cases for Notion AI include writing articles, press releases and meeting agendas. It can also serve to summarize articles stored in the platform via the Save-to-Notion web extension. Critical points and action items can then be summarized.


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