NHSBT launches medical VR training app

Blood transfusion on Meta Quest: NHSBT launches medical VR training app

Image: NHSBT

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Ever wanted to know how blood tests for transfusions work? The NHSBT Blood Identification VR app for Meta Quest will show you.


The British health organization NHS Blood and Transplant has released its first VR training app called “NHSBT Blood Identification”. The app realistically simulates the process of testing blood for life-saving transfusions and is designed to provide engaging training for students interested in biomedicine or transfusion science.

It is aimed at high schools, colleges, and universities to raise awareness of transfusion science and encourage recruitment into the field. The app is already in use at NHSBT and is available in Meta’s App Lab for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

In the immersive training, you meet patients and enter a virtual transfusion lab. You will be guided through the process of blood grouping and selecting the correct unit of blood for a transfusion. The app also shows the consequences of the wrong blood type, such as red cell rupture and heart monitor failure.


VR and AR not uncommon in medicine

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are increasingly being used in medicine to train doctors and surgeons and provide a better understanding of complex diseases and operations. The Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch, for example, uses augmented reality for more precise spinal surgery.

Startups such as Osso VR, which has secured $66 million in investment through 2022, are leading the development of medical VR training. Market researchers expect the healthcare VR and AR market to grow tremendously in the coming years due to technological advances and increasing demand.

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