Midjourney 5.2 brings zoom out and integrated prompt analysis


Midjourney 5.2 is here, bringing a feature long requested by the community.

“Zoom out” is Midjourney’s name for what other AI image generators usually call “outpainting”: The AI ​​enlarges an image it has already created. In the case of a portrait, for example, you can see more of the surroundings.

In Midjourney, this is possible in two zoom levels by default: 1.5x and 2x. Advanced users can freely configure the zoom in combination with the aspect ratio. The “Make Square” function turns a non-square image into a square image by outpainting.

Image Quality Improvements and Integrated Prompt Tips

5.2 also features a new “Aesthetics System” that Midjourney says should produce sharper and more appealing images. Text understanding has also been improved, with the AI ​​image engine now able to generate images that better match the text. The “—stylize” command, which controls the stylization of an image, should now have a stronger effect, comparable to v3. The value ranges from 0 to 1000.


The variety of image suggestions has been increased, which, according to Midjourney, can result in having to run the same command more than once to get the desired result. The new “High Variation Mode”, which is enabled by default, increases the number of different images offered for a single prompt.

Also new is the “/shorten” command for prompt analysis: it shows which words in a prompt are likely to have little or no effect. The prompt can then be optimized accordingly.

5.2 is now available as a test version and is enabled by default. If you do not have it enabled or want to revert to an older version, you can do so in Discord using the “/settings” command.

Midjourney’s announcement follows the release of SDXL 0.9, the latest version of the open-source image generator Stable Diffusion.

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