Leeroy could be the funniest VR multiplayer game of the year

Leeroy could be the funniest VR multiplayer game of the year

Image: GSI

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Leeroy distills the concentrated madness of the internet into a VR party game full of memes and pop culture references.


British development studio Global Seer Initiative (GSI) has announced the release of its first VR game. The party game “Leeroy” will be released later this year on Meta’s early access platform App Lab for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, as well as for PC VR via Steam.

Leeroy will offer a unique multiplayer experience with plenty of humor. Together with other players, you will complete various mini-games that are dripping with current internet trends, pop culture references and gaming nostalgia. The developers satirize the most famous memes and internet hypes of the last 15 years of web history, and don’t even stop at Donald Trump and Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

The developers write on their website:

“Our game is a love letter to the chaotic beauty of internet culture, gaming nostalgia, and all those pop culture references you thought no one else remembered. From riding pixel art cats in irreverent space races to enjoying a cup of coffee in a burning diner with the chillest dog you’ve ever seen – we’re putting it all in there.”

Although the focus is clearly on multiplayer games, Leeroy will also be playable in single-player mode. The following trailer gives a first impression of the meme madness in VR:


A studio of industry veterans

The Global Seer Initiative was founded by industry veterans who have worked for companies such as Zynga, Google, and Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead Studios. The collective aims to “push the boundaries of VR gaming and create unique, engaging and socially interactive experiences”. With a focus on fun, community and the rich diversity of Internet culture, GSI aims to bring gamers together in ways never before possible.

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