How Meta’s CTO sees Apple Vision Pro

How Meta's CTO sees Apple Vision Pro

Image: Meta

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Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth has weighed in on the Vision Pro, giving his personal pros and cons.

A day after Mark Zuckerberg expressed his opinion on Vision Pro, unsurprisingly calling Quest 3 the better product, Andrew Bosworth takes the same line but goes into more technical detail.

In his AMA session on Instagram, Meta’s CTO summarizes his thoughts on Vision Pro. Among the things he criticizes are the weight and motion blur of the passthrough during head movements, the EyeSight display, his persona (which made him appear much older) and the wire.

But Bosworth also mentions some of the “tremendous great things” about the Vision Pro: resolution and latency, movie viewing, integration into the Apple ecosystem, and eye tracking.

Below are a few interesting quotes from his AMA:

  • “I get why they wanted to do the metal, it’s like part of their design language the metal and the glass. But metal and glass are not premium materials when they’re on your face. In your hand they are, they feel nice and they react nicely. But on your face, lightness is the premium material.”
  • “We have a prototype, you’ve seen it before, of EyeSight. I think our research prototype was actually better,and I still don’t think it’s worth the cost or weight that it adds.”
  • “I find the cord really surprising. No, that’s not true. If you’re gonna have that resolution, and you’re gonna have that latency, and you’re driving the system that way, you have to have a cord. So we actually kind of predicted that based on the specs that have leaked a year and a half earlier. And we were right.”
  • The fact that we ship high-precision controllers is a huge advantage for us.”
  • “I think his point [Nilay Patel in his Vision Pro Review] that overloading your outputs with your inputs is a little complicated for us and then there are times, it doesn’t work. For example, when you’re walking around trying to use gaze as an input is nuts, which is why they don’t let you do it.”
  • “There’s a bunch of stuff that frankly we do really well. I think people just don’t know we do well, that’s unless we got to tell our story better around screens and mixed reality and streaming and casting and these things.”

You can find Bosworth’s full video on Instagram.

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