Here’s what users want from ChatGPT in 2024



OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wants to know from ChatGPT users what features they would like to see next year.

On X, Sam Altman asks what features or improvements ChatGPT should get in the new year. From the many answers he received, he compiled a list of the most common answers, with “AGI” and “GPT-5” at the top.

It is interesting to note that Altman adds “AGI”, i.e., general human-like AI, with the comment “a little patience please”, while leaving GPT-5 without comment.

Users want behavioral control

The list also includes better control over ChatGPT’s “wokeness” and general behavior, which isn’t much of a surprise given that Altman asked on X.



ChatGPT has repeatedly been criticized, particularly by conservatives, for giving answers that are too open-minded or too left-leaning. Earlier this year, OpenAI announced that it would be adding more settings for more diverse and personalized experiences in the future.

Image: Sam Altman via X

Altman wants to fulfill as many of the wishes on the list as possible. However, he does not believe an AGI is possible by 2024. OpenAI is also working on many things that are not on the list, Altman says.

When will GPT-5 be released?

Altman said in early November 2023 that GPT-5 is not yet concrete and OpenAI still has “a lot” of things to figure out before the new model can be trained.

At the same time, he said that today’s AI will look “quaint” next year.

“What we launch today is going to look very quaint relative to what we’re busy creating for you now,” Altman said at the opening of the OpenAI developer conference.


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