GPT-Researcher is an AI agent for autonomous research

GPT Researcher is an AI-based autonomous agent for conducting comprehensive online research on a variety of tasks. The tool, inspired by AutoGPT and the “Plan-and-Solve” prompting, seeks to improve on speed and determinism issues found in current language models, “offering a more stable performance and increased speed through parallelized agent work, as opposed to synchronous operations .”

According to the team, GPT Researcher facilitates research by generating relevant research questions, aggregating data from over 20 web sources, and leveraging both GPT3.5-turbo-16k and GPT-4 to create comprehensive research reports. The project aims to address the time-consuming nature of manual research tasks and the biases that result from limited resource usage in alternative approaches such as ChatGPT + WebPlugin. It includes a web interface and provides an export function for research reports in various formats.


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