F1 23 won’t support PSVR 2


F1 23 won't support PSVR 2

Picture: Electronic Arts


May 11, 2023:

The VR racing game F1 23 won’t get a port for Playstation VR 2. Publisher Electronic Arts just informed us that the title will once again only be released on PC VR and the mentioned flat platforms. The release is scheduled for June 16, 2023.

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Original article from May 4, 2023:

F1 23 brings the professional racing’s biggest event back to the screen and into virtual reality. Will EA release a Playstation VR 2 version?

EA subsidiary Codemasters returns to the professional racetracks of Formula 1. The recently unveiled F1 23 will be released on June 16, 2023, for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S, as well as the PC. The Windows version (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App) once again also supports VR headsets.

It is unclear whether the PS5 will get a mode for Playstation VR 2. We have asked the publisher EA about this and will keep you up to date with the news. All 2023 teams, drivers, and tracks are includedso you get the exciting Las Vegas Grand Prix and the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

Formula 1 in VR

The announcement trailer already makes it clear that the makers attach great importance to the return of the “Braking Point” story modewhich was missing in F1 22. It follows the careers of the young upstart Aiden Jackson and the protagonist Devon Butler, who are now teammates in the young, fictional “Konnersport Racing Team”.

New rivalries are meant to add excitement to the cinematically told story and its challenges. Improved driving behavior, meanwhile, is intended to provide more predictability. The new physics give the cars better traction when braking, accelerating, and cornering, they say.

“By incorporating feedback from the F1 team, a better balance between aerodynamics and tire grip is achieved, resulting in a more realistic driving experience. Improvements in engine torque and inertia also mean that throttle control is more authentic and provides a greater connection to the car,” EA Sports said.

Pad players are said to benefit greatly from the new “Precision Drive,” which promises greater control and safety. Other features include a 35% race distance, red flags, the full 2023 season calendar, and the three historic circuits of Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimão (Portugal).

A World Hub with a new progression system features game modes such as Time Trial and Grand Prix, challenges for upgrades, paint jobs, race suits, and helmets. Fans of the sportsmanship rating in Gran Turismo 7 will be pleased with the new safety rating systemwhich also encourages clean driving in offline races.

Competition for Gran Turismo 7?

Whether F1 23 can keep up with the graphics splendor of Sony’s racing game remains to be seen. For Codemasters, it’s a chance to build on F1 22’s strengths on the track while revising the menus, which are terribly cumbersome in VR.

In the last few years, the former leader among VR racing games weakened at times. After VR highlights like Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally 2.0, games like Project Cars 3 (PC-VR) and especially Grid Legends (Quest 2 and Quest Pro) suffered from technical shortcomings.

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