Exclusive Apple Vision Pro developer workshop announced by Augmented World Expo

Exclusive Apple Vision Pro developer workshop announced by Augmented World Expo

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AWE announces a workshop for Apple Vision Pro developers, sponsored by Unity and packed with expert tips.


Augmented World Expo (AWE) has announced a one-day Apple Vision Pro developer workshop to be held on June 17 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The workshop will take place immediately prior to the three-day AWE conference, June 18 to 20. The Unity real-time application platform is sponsoring the workshop.

The workshop will be led by Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla, co-founders of VisionDevCamp. Several experts will speak, including Bert Nepveu, Andy Roth, Daniel Marqusee, James Ashley, Dulce Baerga, Sarah Hill, Andrew Eiche of Owlchemy Labs, Adam Lisagor, and Zac Duff. All have successfully developed visionOS applications for consumers and businesses.

The workshop will provide attendees with an overview of Apple’s Vision Pro hardware and software. They will learn about the three development paths — visionOS, Unity, and Web — and the publishing process for visionOS apps. Hands-on experience with Vision Pro will also be provided.

Registration for the workshop can be booked with an Early Bird AWE ticket for an additional $99. Seating is limited.


VisionDevCamp also focuses on Apple Vision Pro development

The same development team has planned another event called VisionDevCamp, which is specifically dedicated to developing content with Vision Pro. It is held in Santa Clara from March 29 to 31.

The non-profit event provides a platform for developers, designers, and enthusiasts to share and create visionOS, Unity, and web applications for Vision Pro.

VisionDevCamp is being organized by Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla, who previously founded iPhoneDevCamp. Zachary currently works at ARound and Sagolla is co-founder of Archipelo.

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