Dive into a breathtaking VR underwater journey with whales, sharks, and more


Dive into a breathtaking VR underwater journey with whales, sharks, and more

Image: Actrio Studio

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Now you can explore the depths of the ocean and swim with whales and sharks from the safety of your PC VR headset.


As of this week, The Great Ocean, which was released in the Quest App Lab in 2022, is also available on Steam for PC VR. The underwater adventure first went into Early Access on February 15, with a full release planned for the next six to eight months. A playable demo has also been available since the last Steam Next Fest. You can find the link in the source description below.

In The Great Ocean, you dive into the depths of the VR ocean and swim alongside whales, sharks, and turtles. Aboard a mini-submarine, you will explore fascinating locations such as the Galápagos Islands, the Arctic, Cozumel and the deep sea.

You will use upgradeable tools such as scanners and grabs to complete various tasks. During the virtual dives, you can scan more than 100 species of marine life to unlock information about the sea creatures.

Developer Actrio Studio states in a FAQ on Steam that The Great Ocean currently offers only a few levels, features, and tools. However, more levels, leaderboards for increased replay value, and unique assets as well as additional tools and a new quest mechanic are planned for the near future.


VR underwater world created in partnership with a conservation group

The game, developed in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), is the first VR adventure based on real data to explore the oceans. WDC is an organization dedicated to the conservation of whales and dolphins worldwide. It works through research, education, and policy to reduce threats such as commercial whaling and establish marine protected areas.

Anyone interested in the underwater world can also turn their home into one with Ocean Rift. Unlike The Great Ocean, Ocean Rift also offers a Mixed Reality experience on the Meta Quest 3.

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