ByteDance presents powerful AI model for video generation from text


ByteDance continues to invest in AI research and introduces a new AI model for video generation that outperforms other methods.

Researchers at Bytedance have developed MagicVideo-V2, a new generative AI model for text-to-video (T2V) generation that is said to outperform other T2V systems such as Runways Gen-2, Pika 1.0, Morph, Moon Valley, or Stable Video Diffusion.

According to the team, MagicVideo-V2 differs from existing T2V models by integrating multiple modules that work together to produce high-quality video. The team combines text-to-image (T2I), image-to-video (I2V), video-to-video (V2V), and video frame interpolation (VFI) modules into a single architecture.

Image: ByteDance

The T2I module generates an initial image from the text input as the basis for further video generation. The I2V module then uses the image as input and provides low-resolution keyframes of the generated video. The V2V module increases the resolution of the keyframes and improves their level of detail. Finally, the VFI module interpolates and smoothes the motion in the video.



ByteDance explores the full range of generative AI

According to the researchers, MagicVideo-V2 can generate high-resolution videos of 1,048 by 1,048 pixels that correspond to text prompts and is said to outperform other generative AI models for video. In a blind test with nearly 60 human participants, MagicVideo-V2’s videos were preferred more often, the team writes. The team attributes the better results to the integration of the modules into a single model, rather than connecting multiple models one at a time.

Video: ByteDance

Video: ByteDance

Video: ByteDance

The results of MagicVideo-V2 are significantly better than those of the first version, which the company presented at the end of 2022. ByteDance recently introduced MagicAnimate, a kind of TikTok generator, is developing an open platform for chatbots, and is also exploring text-to-3D models with MVDream.


MagicVideo-V2 project page.

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