Build Rube Goldberg machines in VR and XR

Build Rube Goldberg machines in VR and XR

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Rube Goldberg Workshop is available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Build crazy machines in virtual and mixed reality.

Rube Goldberg Workshop has been available for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro since May 18th. The price is $9.99. The VR game is about building crazy machines that are essentially a series of chain reactions.

Rube Goldberg Workshop features over 80 components. Players can use the parts to build machines in a VR view or switch to a mixed reality view and place their constructions in physical space. Players can use VR controllers or hand tracking.

While conventional machines focus on efficiency, Rube Goldberg machines are all about getting the job done in the most cumbersome way possible.

The concept was named after Reuben “Rube” L. Goldberg, an American cartoonist who drew comic strips featuring overly complicated machines.

Gadgeteer brings Rube Goldberg machines to VR since 2019

Gadgeteer (formerly Ruberg) has been available on Viveport, Steam VR, and the Meta Quest store since 2019. The game allows you to build Rube Goldberg machines in virtual reality, but without a mixed reality mode.

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