Apple’s Vision Pro gets tortured with extreme drop test

Apple's Vision Pro gets tortured with extreme drop test

Image: AppleTrack

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Despite the $3,500 price, someone has already given Apple’s Vision Pro the inevitable drop test.

Apple’s Vision Pro is a $3,500 VR headset with a large, curved glass panel on the front. That sounds like a recipe for disaster and someone just gave it a torture test to find out how durable it is. Here’s what happened.


With every new flagship phone, someone looking for clicks tests the strength of the front glass and other components with a drop test. Even the best phones succumb eventually with scratches, dents, and cracks. It seems wasteful but does give shoppers an idea of how much abuse these devices can take.

In a shocking new YouTube video AppleTrack boldly subjected a new Vision Pro to similar treatment. When multiple crashes into walls yielded only a few scratches, Sam Kohl raised the stakes by dropping Apple’s spatial computer on carpet from head height, then moved to a wooden floor.

After multiple drops, the headband split on one side, then the other, leaving only one speaker functioning. The Vision Pro’s glass finally cracked but mostly kept working! An unexpected result.


Apple includes a front cover for the Vision Pro, implying owners should use caution with the front glass. While it’s more durable than expected, scratches could affect sensors and mar the beauty of this premium VR headset.

AppleTrack pointed out in the video that the Vision Pro’s light seal is magnetic and comes loose if you pick the device up by the seal. That could lead to drops and damage, so use caution and grip the headset by the aluminum body or the strap when picking it up to avoid this issue.

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