Apollo to Artemis launches on Meta Quest

Space Explorers: Apollo to Artemis launches on Meta Quest

Picture: Felix & Paul Studios

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For this year’s Space Day, Felix & Paul Studios released the VR documentary “Space Explorers – Apollo to Artemis” for Meta Quest (2) and Quest Pro.

Felix & Paul Studios, known for their immersive VR experiences, released the VR documentary “Space Explorers – Apollo to Artemis” for this year’s Space Day. The spin-off of the popular VR series for Meta Quest (2) and Quest Pro highlights the history of space travel from the first moon landing to NASA’s recent lunar missions around Project Artemis.

Time travel through space history in VR

The narrative focuses on Gene Krantz, who as NASA Flight Director led the missions of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs – including the legendary Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in 1969.

Viewers get a unique look at space history through archival footage and personal accounts of the challenges and successes of the Apollo program. “Space Explorers – Apollo to Artemis” is now available on Meta Quest TV and can be experienced with Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Most recently, the immersive film studio accompanied the launch of Artemis I in a livestreaming event. In Meta’s Horizon Worlds, users were able to experience the rocket launch in virtual reality with Meta Quest 2. The immersive documentary series Space Explorers: The ISS Experience won the studio an Emmy Award in 2021.

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